Need more power from your GEM Car?
Require more speed - 35MPH rather than the stock 24MPH?
Have you burnt out the stock light duty motor?
If so, you should consider contacting the NEVGuy to install a performance 7.5HP motor and fine tune your programming.

The 7.5HP motor offers 50% more power than the stock motor and is built to withstand the heat and durability requirements of the toughest applications. With NEVGuy reprogramming, 7.5HP powered Gems easily cruise at over 30 MPH while maintaining stock mileage ranges. Have the Gemguy install a set of performance tire & wheel to complete the package and you'll have a Gem Car that will exceed 35MPH with enhanced reliability, handling and comfort.

NEVGuy motor and reprogramming services are the standard for fleets, municipalities and private GEM Car owners who require more power and enhanced reliability. Please contact the NEVGuy to discuss any of your Gem Car power requirements - We specialize in Gem Car motor upgrades and reprogramming applications. We also carry a full line of replacement controllers for all make and model GEM cars.


The NEVGuy Speed Check


 Top-End Speed 

Stock Gem

23-24 MPH

With 7.5HP Motor

28-32 MPH

7.5HP Motor w/14" Performance tires 

35-38 MPH

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